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We’re Winning – Be Separate

We won’t fail. You must have faith in God’s Word The Word will come into your heart/mind/home/business, anything you have and make you successful God’s Word will work for everybody that has faith in it Jesus only responds to the…

Deliver Us From Evil

What the enemy plans for us God turns to good. Moses had to run out of Egypt, Satan thought he had him but in the desert he was to God to survive in the desert. Led the Israelites to freedom.…



You must down your life to be free of rejection,fear,bitterness,hatred,self,in order to walk in the authority of God. Jesus layed down His life in exchange for our life. You can walk in victory daily.

Find Peace – Yield To Lord Jesus

Saul of Tarsus, the mighty persecutor – his past life; his great sins; the sudden change in his views; his total absorption in the vision; perhaps also his grief at the loss of his sight, would all fill his mind,…