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Fast Changes The Unbelief In Our Lives

Our Word Today was That Fasting can lead to a Encounter with the Power of God. We are on our 14 day of fast. Fast...

Power Of Prayer and Fasting

BREAKTHROUGH IN 2020 THE POWER OF PRAYER AND FASTING 2 Samuel 5 17-19 Nehemiah 9:1-3 Phillipians 4:6-7 Job 11:13-19 Isaiah 58:6 - 12 DONT WORRY ABOUT...

Humble Ourselves to God

  Humble ourselves to God through Prayer and Fast seeking His Kingdom, Your Kingdom come Isaiah 33:22 For the Lord is our Judge, The Lord is our...

Fasting and Prayer

See yourself free because when you entered salvation having been set free . Obedience is better than sacrifice Why people fast? (Humble yourself) In trails ...