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Lady Healed Of Cancer

Lady Healed of stage 4 cancer 🙌 Nothing is impossible for God🙌

Healed of Paralyzing Strokes

The Power God heals a lady that was paralyzed by double stroke and 2 heart attacks by touching a tissue.

Boy Healed of Eye Cancer

Boy healed of eye cancer 🙌He was blind in the eye and God restored His Sight.Glory to God🙌 https://www.youtube.com/embed/8QqDlblWBD8 Testimony of cancer in the eyes healed...

Protected From A Bullet

The anointed protected a lady who lives in a gangster area from being struck by a bullet

Healed From Virus

Healed from virus that attacked his immune system. He could not walk. Praise be to God🙌🙌

Gangster Prone Children Transformed

Gangster prone children transformed by the Power of God🙌🙌