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Fast Changes The Unbelief In Our Lives


Our Word Today was That Fasting can lead to a Encounter with the Power of God.

fastingWe are on our 14 day of fast. Fast changes the unbelief in our lives. It opens Spiritual gifts, Healing, Brotherly love, Faith, Miracles, to be a witness, answered prayer, Tremendous Power, Power to do all things.

Paul in Acts 9:9-10 was transformed from Saul to Paul. He fasted for 3 days and prayed although he was physically blind but spirituality awaken.

God is waiting for the sons to manifest. There is a cry in the world for Help 🙌 Manifestation of the sons is needed in this time. God wants to reveal His glory in and through His Sons and Daughters. To touch and transform their homes, community and nations.

Ps 66:3
Isaiah 58:6,8
Acts 9:9,10,11
2 Kings 19:14,15,16 .
Romans 8:18,19,24,28,31,32,34,36,38,39
Rev 5:10.

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