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Fasting and Prayer

See yourself free because when you entered salvation having been set free . Obedience is better than sacrifice
Why people fast? (Humble yourself)
In trails
In Sickness
Seeking answers
Demonic possession
Temptation- Fight the good fight of faith. Flesh will fight you.
77 times 7 unlimited forgiveness
Faith only looks to the Word of God
Faith is not moved by emotions/but by the Word
Look to God and the Word and Revelation
God is not moved person walks by faith is not moved
Matt 6:6
Matt 6:16
He expects us to fast like we pray Prayer and Fast
Purpose of fast
Humble ourselves to God
God hates pride
Humble heart
Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord
Be humble
Be prayerful
Be grateful
When we are humble there is no where we can go but up
Luke 14:11 God exalted Jesus.
James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up. 1 Peter 5:5
Humble ourselves
Ps 35:13 Humble my soul with fasting
Soul Egotistical part
I feel
I want
What you feel is unimportant
Humble your soul
Stomach grumble needs to humble
Arrogance we need to bring subjection to Gods Will
1 John 4:10 We cannot add anything to that He has done
Leviticus 16
Fasting/abstaining from food It is up to you how you respond
Ezra 8:15,21-22 4 month journey
1 Kings 21:21-22,25 Elisha fasted calamity that did not get judgement
Jonah 40 days Jonah 3:6,10 Judgement over 100 years
Ester 4:16 Situation was responded too
Wherever Jesus have His way there is His Kingdom
Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven
When you are born into the Kingdom, you must live by faith
Every Christian must understand faith
Hebrews 11:1
Faith is the substance like electricity
Faith substance for things hoped for
Faith gives substance to my Hope
Faith is the substance of Hope
When you have faith You have the title deed
Faith approves in the unseen realm of the Spirit
Without faith it is impossible to please God Matt 6:22
Faith looks to God and the Word single eye sight. Dont listen what this one/ that one tells me, not to our emotions. Faith does not operate on the physical word. Responds on the Word.
You have to leave your logic behind
His ways are higher that your ways
Do what the Word says
Give your 10% – Your provider is not man but God
Love your enemies
Battle between flesh and Spirit. Faith is of the Spirit
Most believers are carnal Live by their senses
You will die spiritually
Faith comes by hearing/Obeying the Word. Women with the issue of Blood, heard the goodness believed she acted
Faith is practicing what you hear
You dont believe it, you walk by faith, the devil cannot defeat you
You cant feed your Spirit with bread
Spirit comes from God. Your Spirit needs the Word so faith can rise up
Faith foundation Word solid, immovable. It cannot be shaken. Man of faith cannot be shaken
Founded on God God is on His Throne by physical circumstances, stable, movable, walk by faith, Sight
Faith pleases God seek God. He will award you peace, joy
Lost in anger, infirmity after accepting God
Faith supports faith. Why would God do something for A and not B
You cannot earn favour. He gives us the merits, grace and favour
Faith releases not what man can do but what God can do
When you walk by faith you become unlimited
You can do anything if you believe
Think or move in that Realm Supernatural
You are limited if you dont believe
If you feel boxed in, you walking by your feelings and emotions
Faith Fuel. Everyone has an assignment in the world. God brought it, you do it
We experiment with life instead of living life
You wont enjoy your life until you know why you were born
Dream bigger than your resources
God revealed to us by the Spirit
Seek good you were born for something greater
Dare to believe God and it will awaken you. All your inferior, compliancy, rejection etc will go
Jer 29:11 I have plans to prosper you. Dont give God rest until you know your purpose
You will never have what you dont see
New image of a conqueror
Pull down the vain
Where there is no revealed knowledge there is no faith
RISE UP – Regardless of what anyone says. We will touch our neighbour by faith. RISE UP Believe God. You are the most talented sons and daughters. The Kingdom is inside of you.

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