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GOD Is Moving By His Spirit Moving All Over The World

To the Kingdom citizens across the world.

God is moving all over the world signs and wonders, yes God is moving. God desires to pour out His Spirit on all flesh no matter where you are in the world. He has given His Holy Spirit already, you don’t need to look for it just receive it. God is for us, with us, and in us. He wants us to believe and receive His Holy Spirit. He is available to those that seek Him. If you knock He will open and come in your heart and will transform your heart. He will lead and guide you. He will take away your pain, sickness,addiction, unbelieve, hurts, loneliness, your pain, financial concerns. He wants to lead you in all Truth and take you out of the lies of the enemy. Jesus is at the end of the Age waiting for us. His Holy Spirit will take us to the other side. His love will secure us and mobilise us to prepare for His coming. Things are happening all over the world. We need to be lead by the Holy Spirit now than ever before. We are in times of refreshing. Awesome things are happening in the earth. As the world are looking for answers. We have them because we are kingdom citizens. Psalm 86:11.

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