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book of wonders and miraclesWe want to thank God for the opportunity to go on a mission trip to America. Jesus gave us a message to deliver. He loves America and will bless her and increase in this season. To take her beloved from Glory to Glory to walk the supernatural! Many were healed set free delivered and returned to their first Love. It was awesome to see how much He loves His sheep here. He is restoring, setting free the nations of the earth. A fire has been ignited that will burn brighter and brighter burning out all disbelief, hay, stubble. His Love is reaching and pouring out His Spirit on all flesh, from the continents to the smallest remote island. It is the season of the impossible.

Amazing love of our salvation that wants to draw closer His sheep, give them affirmation that greater things they will do. He gave us all the gifts already. Step out and use it in the highways, byways for His Glory.

wonders of psalm 40The power of God moved where ever we went; in homes, churches, streets, lifts, restaurants, etc. People were healed of oppression, depression, cancer, deep hurt. The glory of God moved people who received instant money in mall, permanent jobs, set free from trauma, PTSD, deep family secrets. Immediate wisdom for the biggest move in financial banking history.

To God be the glory. “People will see the fear of the Lord and put their trust in God.” Psalm 40

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