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Baptism Service

Gallery of Baptism service pictures

Christmas Services 2017

The childrens play. Emmanuel God with us. Sunday the 24 December 2017. Venue 140 Wetton Road Wetton. Time:10am Christmas Service. The Play (Powerzone kids) Emmanuel God is with us. 25 December...

Valentine’s Day Service 2017

Join us for our special Valentine's Day Service 8pm on February 14th 2017

Christmas Morning

Date: 25 December Time: 09:30am All Welcome!

Special Service

Give God Praise For Who He Is Date: Tuesday, July 23rd Time: 8pm Join us tonight and Give God Praise For Who He Is Invite those that are...

Father’s Day Service – 2013

Abraham, who was the father of the Jewish people, is an example of what real faith looks like. He left everything to follow God's...