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We’re Winning – Be Separate

We won’t fail.

  • You must have faith in God’s Word
  • The Word will come into your heart/mind/home/business, anything you have and make you successful
  • God’s Word will work for everybody that has faith in it
  • Jesus only responds to the truth
  • He responds to faith in the Word if it comes out of your mouth
  • Matthew 12:34 – Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
  • Matthew 12:37 – by the words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned
  • The world is most part ruled by Satan.

John_6How can you avoid getting caught up in it?

  • John 17:17 – sanctify them by Your truth
  • Sanctify is to separate them by the Word
  • When you were born again, you were separated to the kingdom of the light
  • Now that’s where many people stop
  • They let the word separate them They right on living like everyone else
  • They poor, sick, worried and confused
  • They upset just like everyone else in the world
  • When you give the world first place in your life it will continue in poverty and anxiety and sickness and hatred and darkness
  • The Word of God will not just separate you from the things of the world but separate you you into the things of God
  • You can’t turn from the things of the world if you don’t turn to something stronger
  • You beg and cry for God to take your sin away from you
  • All the begging in the world want to separate you from your sin
  • It is the Word that does it
  • Make a decision to place Jesus first in your LIFE.
  • Numbers 14:9 – God told the Israelites to go occupy the land which he had given them
  • God has given you everything already that you need. Occupy it
  • You must be complete in your soul to occupy it
  • Or the enemy will accuse you and make you weak
  • God said they must possess the land without fear from the ungodly that lives in the land
  • The earth don’t belong to the devil but to God
  • Ps 24:1
  • The devil just moved in because believers haven’t stopped him
  • That is our job. Jesus took Satan’s legal power away on resurrection morning
  • Jesus put us in charge of enforcing Satan’s defeat
  • The scripture says that Jesus is at the right side of the Father until the enemies are made His footstool – Heb 10:12-13
  • Jesus is waiting for us to use our territory – take over – territory – work places – gangster area/school
  • God has given the power – You can’t use it because you are still incomplete
  • Just like the Israelites got up and possessed, so we need to rise up in our spirit/New spirit – Whole and Complete to establish God’s domain over the earth.
  • We are in a spiritual battle and we are wining
  • You laugh at the devil every time he shows his face
    If the enemy has control – any territory rise up and take authority – Prayer/Word/Speaking the take territory back
  • Don’t be afraid
  • The Lord is with you – Rise up take back the Land – 2Peter 1:10
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