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Which Relationship Is The Most Important To You?

Our Message yesterday was on which relationship is the most important to you?

Our First and Foremost relationship must be with God. God is good 🙌 He loves us with an eternal love. He called us forth before the foundation of the earth and knitted us in our Mothers womb and sent us into the World with a purpose.

God firstHe is Calling us Daily. God is First and everything else must follow. Prayer connects us to God and to Power. The Power of God in your life will change your perspective on life and relationships 🙏🏻When we seek God and His Kingdom First He will add everything else to our Lives.

Idols and wrong relationships in our lives will bring us bring down and cause, pain, insomnia, doubt, anxiousness. Jesus says cast all your cares upon me for I care for you. ✝ Focus on me and I will calm all your fears and give you the knowledge, wisdom, faith, hope to deal with this life situations.

God is Greater than life itself and He accomplished the impossible He died and rose again. Surely we can trust Him our life situations and have faith in Him. ✝

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